People that have worn dreads way before it was a thing in the US:

  1. Spartans
  2. Asians
  3. Europeans

I don’t get where you people are getting your info from, but dreads have been all around the world for a long time now. Chill. 

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"you can’t eat tacos if youre white, thats cultural appropriation!"

alright then youre not allowed to eat burgers, pizza, or pasta if youre not italian, sausages if youre not german, coffee if youre not middle eastern, fries if youre not belgian or french, or bagels if youre not polish

are you starting to see why your argument is stupid


Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX North America limited edition release revealed.

The North American limited edition release of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX will include an exclusive pin featuring Sora and Mickey. It will come free with preorders of the game, so reserve your copy today!




the hot topic stores open their doors

there upon those floors the kids discover gamzee

his polka dots

his slime

his randomness

the new GIR is upon us

the beginning of the end is here

In the high school halls, you can hear the freshman chanting

"H0nk!!!!….I’m so random!! :0)"

"MoThEr fUcKiNg pIe~"

People that honestly think that you should be able to make a living without working pisses me off.

People that think that others who don’t have/can’t find a job are just lazy also piss me off.

But if you go 2-3 years without finding a job then you probably aren’t actually trying. Or you live somewhere small where jobs are very limited. But if you live in a city, and you’re actually trying, you should be able to land something. Even if it’s small. 

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Can’t stop thinking about moving out.

Even if it’s going to take forever. :(

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This is my new favorite thing of all time.